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For Online Travel Agencies

SafeConnect Risk API can be integrated by any online travel agency to rate connecting flights in real time. The ratings help users book the right flight options. Applied in the background, SafeConnect Risk API can filter out bad connections and improve user experience.

SafeConnect Risk API is especially valuable for the construction of risk-free self-connecting itineraries.

For Airlines

SafeConnect Airlines Plug & Play is a standardized product aimed for airline customers. It can validate connecting flight options based on airline’s specific sets of data and produce static analytical reports which can help airlines improve customer experience, optimize schedules, manage fares in a smart way, etc.

SafeConnect Airlines API is a real-time service allowing airlines to display connection information to users or perform background operations such as schedule optimization and smart pricing.

For Insurance Companies

SafeConnect Insurance API is a customized product allowing insurance companies to dynamically quote premium for any pair of connecting flights in real time. SafeConnect Insurance API can assess any pair of flights based on specific risks and cost of recovery.

For End Users

SafeConnect B2C is a free tool allowing end users to search for flights based on connection comfort and risk of missing a connecting flight. Users can search by city pairs or by flight numbers.


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SafeConnect is a Bulgaria-based technology startup founded in March 2017 by experienced travel technology experts. SafeConnect is a big data project focused on developing simple and effective solutions for predicting air travel connection risk in real time. The calculations are based on a set of third party aviation data crunched through unique proprietary algorithms. Virtually any pair of connecting flights can be validated in a fraction of a second.

In December 2016, the project was shortlisted to pitch live at Hangar51, the accelerator program of IAG. A short video from the pitch you can see here: